Brian Ganson helps improve cross-sectoral conflict prevention and collaboration in the context of large-scale business operations.


FROM BOARDROOMS TO BATTLEFIELDS: FIVE NEW WAYS THAT BUSINESSES CLAIM TO BUILD PEACE, by Jason Miklian, Peer Schouten, and Brian Ganson (2016). While some see in “business and peace”ingenious initiatives, others see only ‘peacewashing’ or even corporate exploitation of the world’s most vulnerable. This article takes a measured stance, finding that firms can become effective peacebuilders, but must tread carefully through societal minefields—and their own divergent interests—to get there. Accessible here.


  • Co-led a multi-year international research initiative on private sector peacebuilding roles in fragile and conflict effected states, funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Senior researcher and co-facilitator for a multi-stakeholder initiative of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform that explored the joint responsibilities but differentiated roles of business, governments, civil society and development and peacebuilding actors for conflict prevention in fragile environments

  • Advised an international developmentorganisationon its global and local strategies for empowering local communities to engage with extractives companies in ways that lead to better development outcomes
  • Policy advisor to governments and UN agencies on business and conflict

  • Developed strategies for building broader-based consensus on a comprehensive extractive industries policy for a Latin American country, conducting a 360 stakeholder analysis across government, industry and civil society stakeholders reporting highly polarized ethnic politics, mistrust, and political deadlock

  • Aided the privatization board of an African national government to diagnose drivers of conflict and develop stakeholder engagement strategies in the context of widespread labour and civil society dissatisfaction with the privatization process

  • Member, Global Agenda Council on Fragile States and Conflict, World Economic Forum

  • Senior researcher for an industry-funded initiative to develop the capacities of company leaders to manage in conflict-prone and other complex environments

  • Peer reviewer for the California Management Review for academic articles on strategy and operations in emerging markets

  • Member of the Expert Reference Panel for the Sub-Commission on Nation-Building of the National Planning Commission, Presidency of the Republic of South Africa

  • Steering committee member for the Group of Madrid funded “Walking Together” initiative in South Africa to improve dialogue and civic engagement for economic, social, and political transformation