Brian Ganson has led or co-led substantial evaluations at the intersection of peacebuilding and development. He uses mixed methods combining attitudinal research, interviews, participatory processes and data analysis, applying OECD DAC criteria and UNEG norms to theory-based evaluations.


Senior Consultant toSthlm Policy Group, avalue-driven consultancy firm with practice areas ininternational policy analysis,conflict prevention, crisis management and conflict resolution, humanitarian assistance,post-conflict peacebuilding and transition to long-term sustainable development.

FROM BOARDROOMS TO BATTLEFIELDS: FIVE NEW WAYS THAT BUSINESSES CLAIM TO BUILD PEACE, by Jason Miklian, Peer Schouten, and Brian Ganson (2016). While some see in “business and peace”ingenious initiatives, others see only ‘peacewashing’ or even corporate exploitation of the world’s most vulnerable. This article takes a measured stance, finding that firms can become effective peacebuilders, but must tread carefully through societal minefields—and their own divergent interests—to get there. Accessiblehere.


  • Chair of the Expert Panel for the evaluation of the work of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in post-crisis transition, strengtheninglinkages among emergency, rehabilitation and development

  • Led mid-term evaluation in South Africa for the International Finance Corporation of the 2030 Water Resources Group hydro-economic analysis and multi-stakeholderplatformoperations and outcomes

  • Team Leader for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affair’s five-year review of its peace mediation strategies and programmes. The evaluation focused on strategies for engagement, influence and impact with internal and external stakeholders

  • Led management section of the Independent Review of the UNMIS / UNDP DDR program in Sudan. The review focused on program relevance, efficiency and effectiveness in light of the evolving socio-political context, with special reference to program governance, management and leadership

  • Team Leader for the Decennial Review of Conciliation Resources. The evaluation, with a particular focus on Sierra Leone and Georgia / Abkhazia, helped strengthen program design, monitoring and evaluation to maximize cumulative peace building impact, considering in particular the respective roles of donor organizations and CR in defining, pursuing, and demonstrate value

  • Co-led with Mary B. Anderson a review of the operations of the Yadana Pipeline in Myanmar / Burma during a period of intense political upheaval. This study assessed the interrelationships among corporate operations and social conflict at the local and national levels

  • Led the Balkans team for a multi-year study monitoring programs to reduce inter-communal violence and increase social acceptance of UNHCR refugee reintegration efforts in divided communities in Rwanda and Bosnia & Herzegovina