Brian Ganson has demonstrated capacity to integrate academic and field perspectives to provide practice- and policy-relevant insight.   


Books & Chapters

  • Co-author with Achim Wennmann of The Corporation and Violent Conflict: Perspectives, Policy Responses and Future Trends, in Handbook of the International Political Economy of the Corporation, A. Noelke and C. May, eds. (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2017, forthcoming)
  • Co-author with Achim Wennmann of Business and Conflict in Fragile States: The Case for Pragmatic Solutions (London: International Institute for Strategic Studies, 2016)
  • Co-author with Achim Wennmann of Business and Institutional Reform in Hybrid Political Orders, in Institutional Reforms and Peace Building (London: Routledge, 2016, N. Ansorg & S. Kurtenbach, eds.)
  • Editor and lead author of  Management in Complex Environments: Questions for Leaders (Stockholm: International Council of Swedish Industry 2013)
  • Co-author with Diana Chigas of Grand Visions and Small Projects: Notes from the Field in South Eastern Europe, in Imagine Coexistence: Restoring Humanity after Violent Conflict (Jossey Bass 2003, Antonia Chayes & Martha Minow, editors)
  • Co-author with Roger Fisher et al. of Coping With International Conflict: A Systematic Approach to Influence in International Negotiation (Prentice Hall 1997)
  • Editor of Roger Fisher et al., Beyond Machiavelli: Tools for Coping With Conflict (Harvard University Press 1994)

Articles & Papers

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Published Reports

  • Co-author with Nicklas Svensson of An Evaluation of Conciliation Resources: Decennial Review,  2000 - 2010 (2010)
  • Co-author with Mary B. Anderson of the Report of the Fifth CDA / CEP Visit to the Yadana Pipeline in Myanmar / Burma (2008)
  • Co-author with Eileen Babbitt et al. of Assessing Refugee Reintegration Efforts In Divided Communities, submitted to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (2002)