Brian Ganson is experienced in formal mediation as both a practitioner and a trainer. He has developed and implemented dispute resolution systems and multi-stakeholder processes at the local, national and international levels.

Co-author with Achim Wennman of Business and Conflict in Fragile States: The Case for Pragmatic Solutions. Thisbook explores the foundational collaborative mechanisms that enable business investment to foster more peace-positive outcomes in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. More information here.


  • Led planning, monitoring and evaluation efforts for a multi-year effort to build company, community and government capacity for collaborative action on issues of peaceful development in an industrial area of one of the most violent municipalities in Brazil

  • Designed and co-led a multi-year consensus-building process to coordinate multiple stakeholder interests in a contentious public policy dispute, facilitating the development of a higher education development plan for the border region of Texas

  • Advised a global pharmaceutical company on the design and implementation of governance structures and processes to manage internal product benefit / risk decision-making and external communication

  • Led efforts within the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights to allow in appropriate cases for more collaborative approaches to complaint resolution among students and parents, teachers, school officials, and national authorities, resulting in improved efficiency, outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction

  • Advised the United Nations Development Program on the development of a facility for the mediation of public policy disputes in the Carpathian Basin region with the goal of increasing regional cooperation in the post-communist period

  • Facilitated the process among a global pharmaceutical company and its academic medical centre partners across emerging markets to diagnose drivers of dysfunctional interaction and sub-optimal outcomes, and develop approaches to communication, governance, planning, and implementation to enhance collaboration and improve outcomes

  • Designed and launched an independent housing advocacy project to provide training, information and advocacy for low-income tenants, landlords, and magistrates, promoting problem-solving approaches and diverting inappropriate cases from the courts

  • Faculty supervisor with the Harvard Mediation Program in conjunction with the design and launch of a Brownsville, Texas community dispute resolution program, including the training of the inaugural class of community mediators

  • Mediated settlement of civil rights lawsuits by appointment of the United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas, as well as neighbour-to-neighbour and local business disputes in small claims court

  • Qualified mediator in Massachusetts, trained by the Harvard Mediation Program

  • Qualified and practiced in family mediation with a crisis counselling centre focused on runaway youth and their families